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Every Wardrobe has a Story. What’s Yours?

In the entire process of investment into home real estate, zeroing in and buying a property is just one part of the larger picture. Deciding on the interiors and furnishing is the next mammoth task where most home buyers find the process both daunting and exciting at the same time. Here is a quick guide … Continue reading    

Quick Start Guide to Building your Dream Media Room or Home Theatre

Home Theatres generally conjure up a feeling of luxury and awe with an image of plush, large room, complete with a huge screen, comfortable recliner style seating (with the popcorn of course) and state-of-art Audio Visual (AV) equipment. Living spaces are also transforming into enviable home theatres wherever there is a little room to spare … Continue reading    

Wooden Flooring in Indian homes. Not just a passing trend.

Flooring is an important element in home construction which needs to be given thorough consideration and ideation time. Of course, in India the most popular choices of home flooring are the Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic TIles Marble, Granite, Natural Stone and sometimes even speciality clay tiles like the handmade Athangudi tiles from Tamil Nadu. However, there … Continue reading    

6 Trendy Design Tips to Make Your Kitchen the ‘Heart of Your Home’

Welcome to a new era in home interiors, where kitchens are no longer just a room for the lady or the man (owing to changing gender roles) of the house to dish out delicacies made with love. Kitchens are increasingly turning out to be carefully planned out section of the interior design, probably even before … Continue reading